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22 January 2024
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Top AI Tools for Mobile App Development


Bubble’s AI integration brings exciting possibilities to the code-free development world. It holds the potential to empower creators to build intelligent and engaging web applications without technical barriers. Its integration of AI opens up exciting possibilities for building intelligent and dynamic web applications without a single line of code. Here’s a closer look at Bubble’s AI capabilities:

Bubble’s AI features are promising and it is still evolving. It’s crucial to understand their limitations and explore them cautiously within your development process. Consider factors like data privacy, model accuracy, and potential biases before integrating AI into your apps.

1. AI Design Assistant:

Imagine an AI suggesting layouts and visual elements based on your app’s functionality and target audience. That’s what Bubble’s AI Design Assistant does. 

2. Data-Driven AI Models:

Bubble’s built-in data capabilities let you train your own AI models using your app’s data. This empowers you to create and train models for specific tasks unique to your application.

3. Future Potential:

Bubble’s commitment to AI integration is evident in its roadmap. It is expanding the options for connecting Bubble with external AI services and models.

Appy Pie:

Appy Pie tool skips the complexities of coding and having an AI guide you through building your app. It works best for simplifying tasks and offering assistance, but complex app functionalities or highly customized designs might still require manual input or professional expertise.

It helps in building basic apps without coding knowledge. Designers and developers are about to streamline specific tasks and get AI-powered suggestions. It will be helpful to anyone who is looking to enhance their app as it improves visual appeal, user experience, and discoverability through AI insights and personalization.

1. Drag-and-drop interface: 

No coding is required! Build apps visually with pre-built components and functionalities. Its extensive feature library helps in integrate features like social media log-in, maps, push notifications, and e-commerce functionality.

2. Multiple app categories: 

Tailor your app to various needs, from business and education to entertainment and gaming. AI-powered assistance helps in generating app ideas, layouts, and even design elements with their AI tools.

3. Offline access: 

Enable users to access certain app features even without an internet connection. Appy Pie offers tiered plans with varying features and limitations. 

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Zoho Creator:

Zoho Creator allows you to build and manage your custom AI models beyond the provided options. This opens up endless possibilities for tailoring AI functionalities to your specific needs. It offers a powerful and accessible way to build intelligent applications even without advanced coding skills. 

1. Collaboration and User Access Control:

The platform supports collaboration by enabling multiple users to work on and access applications. User access control features allow administrators to define roles and permissions.

2. Reports and Dashboards:

Users can generate reports and create dashboards to visualize data within their applications. This aids in monitoring performance and making informed decisions.

3. Custom AI Tools:

Zoho Creator allows you to build and manage your custom AI models beyond the provided options. This opens up endless possibilities for tailoring AI functionalities to your specific needs.

Mendix AI

Mendix AI will connect platforms like Amazon SageMaker and Microsoft Azure Machine Learning to build and deploy your custom AI models within your Mendix applications.

Explore the future of AI development with features like automatic code generation, content creation, and website mockups based on your specifications. It understands AI model reasoning, and identifies and mitigates biases, ensuring responsible and ethical AI development within your Mendix projects.

1. Built-in AI Models:

No need to build everything from scratch. Mendix provides pre-trained AI models for tasks one of which is image recognition which classifies images automatically and extracts valuable information.

2. AI-Assisted Development (AIAD):

Mendix Assist, the AIAD system, acts as your virtual co-pilot, guiding you through development. MxAssist Logic Bot suggests the next steps based on your app’s logic and context. MxAssist Best Practice Bot enforces best practices and helps avoid common pitfalls. MxAssist Validation Bot automates repetitive data validation, saving you time and effort.

3. Generative AI: 

Imagine automatically generating code, content, and even creative assets like website mockups based on your specifications. While still in its early stages, this holds immense potential for future app creation.

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AppSheet boasts exciting AI capabilities that elevate its low-code development platform to a whole new level. It is actively exploring generative AI to revolutionize app development even further. Imagine automatic code generation, custom data generation for testing, and even personalized learning pathways for citizen developers.

1. Duet AI: 

Imagine an AI assistant guiding you through every step of building your app. Duet AI does just that! Tell it your idea, and it helps you design the app’s features, data model, and user interface – all through natural language conversation. This not only simplifies development for beginners but also sparks creative inspiration and optimizes app structure.

2. Rich Data Automation:

AppSheet empowers you to automate repetitive tasks through AI-powered features like Intelligent form pre-filling. It Extracts data from documents and images to automatically fill in forms. Another one is smart data cleansing which will fix data errors and inconsistencies automatically ensuring data accuracy.

3. Powerful Data Insights:

It will gain valuable insights from your app data with AI-powered analytics tools. The predictive workflows trigger actions based on predicted events and user behavior, making your app dynamic and responsive.

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