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We provide analytical, results-driven back-end solutions to formulate more efficient processes, solve problems, and create a more seamless experience for users.Our back-end developers work tirelessly to ensure that your website or mobile app is dynamic and interactive. If you want to enhance your application ecosystem with higher-quality backend solutions, entrust your requirements to Innvonix.


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Backend Development Solutions

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    Are you wondering how to get your ideas into a working application?

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    Are you confused what technology to select for implementing your ideas?

We have answers to all your questions. Our team of certified backend professionals are well-versed in creating sophisticated functional protocols, establishing intricate libraries, and developing other deep components, all of these factors lead to architectural uniformity and a clear operational framework focused on performance improvement.

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Industry Specific Portfolio

  • Food & Restaurant

  • Healthcare

  • Social Networking

  • IOT

  • Metaverse

  • Event Management

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Food & Restaurant

Book places at restaurants or order online with Monyoo and feel the new user experience of ordering food.

Why Choose Back End Development?

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    Reliability and Secure

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    Optimized Performance

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    Cross Platform Development

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    Better Dynamic Functionalities

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    Focus on Actual Idea implementation

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    Agile – Scrum

    Agile is a Proven Software Development Methodology that allows us to scale up or down the functionality.Unlike traditional SDLC cycles, Agile methodology takes a strategy that allows for quick development, testing, and ability to adopt new changes.

    Software Development Life Cycle

    Innvonix follows SDLC( Software Development Life Cycle) Methodology to fulfill our customer’s requirements. Depending on the project, we choose the best approach for achieving goals and delivering excellence.



    In today’s environment, security is the foremost concern, and we ensure that the software we build is protected from any threats and vulnerabilities.Our stringent coding processes help minimize the risk of cyber attacks.

    Quality Assurance

    We believe in delivering the finest possible outcome for every project we do, and as a result, we have a team of certified Quality Analysts who ensure that every product developed or handled by our company is QA tested prior to being tested by a client.

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